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Generic Adipex-P 37.5mg Pills, Many executives and suppliers take a one-size-fits-all approach to direct response, based on the basic assumption that a large shared pool can best absorb a large amount of fluctuation and unpredictability. Buy Adipex-P from mexico, As a result, direct sales calls are very often routed to mass, rx free Adipex-P, Adipex-P in india, multi-client homogenous queues that can handle high volume.

The problem with this approach is that call center agents in mass queues do not get sustained engagement with specific products or brands. This is especially problematic for smaller lines going into mass queue, Adipex-P trusted pharmacy reviews, Next day Adipex-P, where a product may only be 1 in 1,000 calls, where to buy Adipex-P. Buy Adipex-P without prescription, This creates a very steep learning curve for agents.

As a result, direct response calls are treated as order-taking interactions, Adipex-P to buy, Adipex-P in uk, rather than sales interactions. This leads to lower conversion rates and significantly impacts smaller volume brands and products.

Empowering call agents to do more than take orders

In direct response, Adipex-P overseas, Purchase Adipex-P, most money is spent on getting people to pick up the phone and call. It just doesn’t make sense to spend all that money up front on getting the call and then lose potential sales because the call center agents don’t know enough about your product/brand to close the deal – or increase your sales total through cross-sell and up-sell.

This is why mass queues for smaller brands really aren’t beneficial, and I advise direct response clients not to get overly enamored with big queues that can absorb volume, Generic Adipex-P 37.5mg Pills. Instead, real brand Adipex-P online, Where can i buy cheapest Adipex-P online, you want to have enough product-specific calls in a queue to allow call agents to be product experts who are focused on achieving higher close rates.

This also means that direct response businesses comprised of multiple brands and product lines need to look beyond total call volume for their company and think about their call queues in terms of specific products.

Shift the focus back to sales with accurate forecasting

It’s true that mass queues offer economies of scale, order Adipex-P no prescription, Fast shipping Adipex-P, and with direct response, call volume is an important consideration, where can i find Adipex-P online. Where to buy Adipex-P, When people pick up the phone to buy your product, you don’t want to keep them waiting, Adipex-P paypal, Buy Adipex-P from canada, especially since people responding to infomercials simply don’t wait.

But too many direct response businesses deliver such poor call volume forecasts, buy Adipex-P online without prescription, Buy cheap Adipex-P, the feeling is that they must use massive shared queues. Direct response companies should be able to forecast volume with reasonable accuracy for most media buys (with the exception of “spot” buys), Adipex-P for sale. Order Adipex-P from mexican pharmacy,

Based on accurate volume forecasting, calls can be routed to a dedicated or semi-dedicated queue, buy Adipex-P online no prescription, Adipex-P in mexico, combined with a mass queue to accommodate overflow. This balanced approach will increase close rates and average-order-value while handling spikes in call volume.

With proper planning and strategy, saturday delivery Adipex-P, Buy Adipex-P without a prescription, direct response call agents can do more than take orders: they can maximize sales and build your brand.

--Bryan DiGiorgio

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